14 Fun DIY Crafts for Halloween!

Grab the kids and make some festive DIY crafts for Halloween! These fun ideas are cute without being too spooky for the little ones!

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1. Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet

Get your kids involved in crafting this fall and Halloween season with these super cute Popsicle Stick Pumpkin. He can be turned into a magnet to make him fridge friendly.

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2. Paper Pumpkins

It’s fall, and this paper pumpkin craft tutorial is the perfect pumpkin craft for kids. Can’t you just imagine a whole classroom filled with these hanging pumpkins. They are beautiful as they twirl in circles. With very few supplies needed, it’s so easy to make these with kids.

From: Meaningful Mama

3. Monster Slime

With the Halloween season quickly approaching, we wanted to share a fun and simple slime recipe that makes a fantastic non-candy treat for kids! This Magical Monster Slime is extremely easy to make and absolutely adorable! Your kids can even help make this!


4. Yarn Pumpkins

These DIY Yarn Pumpkins are so cute and so versatile- I used some of them to make a garland that we can hang in our home, and we used some as a display all on their own! The sky’s the limit with what you can use these for- and the kids will have fun playing with them, too.

From: Not Quite Susie

5. Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreaths are the perfect addition to your home decor! Learn how to make a Halloween wreath with cupcake wrappers, which is perfect for mantel or hanging in your home. You will find a step by step DIY tutorial below for your cupcake wrapper wreath.

From: Mom Dot

6. Ghost Windsock

This project is in the kid-friendly Halloween category. There is a bit of a wait with all the paint drying but you can put together this Ghost Windsock in an afternoon.

From: Chicken Scratch NY

7. Rainbow Paper Tube Bats

These adorable rainbow paper tube bats are simple to make and double as colorful Halloween decorations for your home, or as Halloween favors – simply add some wrapped treats or candy inside to hand out to your kids.

From: Hello Wonderful

8. Foam Cup Spiders

These spiders can be made from paper or foam cups. We have provided a cute friendly version as well as a traditional “scary” version appropriate for Halloween. Have fun with this cute Halloween craft!

From: Craftown

9. Pumpkin Pillow Boxes

These Halloween crafts will take you less than 15 minutes and that’s what I love about them. A super easy Halloween craft!

From: See Lindsay

10. Monster Wreath

This halloween kids craft can’t get much cuter! Find out just how simple it is to make this DIY Monster Wreath with your little monsters.

From: A Few Shortcuts

11. Wooden Spoon Bats

This wooden spoon bat craft is such a fun project for Halloween. You can make them in less than half an hour, and even with the painting, the mess isn’t that bad as long as you work on a foil lined baking sheet. The kids can make the bat wings flap while they fly the bats through the air. Or you could even hang them on the wall as a fun Halloween decoration.

From: One Little Project

12. Spell Book

Create spell books to make your bookshelves extra spooky for Halloween. They are easy to make and a creative way to repurpose old books. Add a few inexpensive Halloween trinkets to give them a creepy 3-D effect, and you’ll be casting spells in no time!


13. Paper Cup Jack-O-Lantern

Make paper cup Jack’O’Lantern pumpkins that will glow in the dark on Halloween night. They are cute, not scary for little kids and easy to make.

From: Non-Toy Gifts

14. Halloween Themed Painted Pots

Painting and decorating terra cotta pots for Halloween makes a great gift for that special teacher or even the sweet old lady next door.  You can even fill them with sweet treats or their favorite potted plant!

From: Happily Hughes

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