Understanding Industrial Interior Design: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering what industrial interior design is? Thinking how you can add it to your home? In recent times, industrial design has increased in popularity. It is because this look offers the best blend of old and traditional charm with modern sleekness.

Many people are hesitant to incorporate this style into their homes. The reason behind this is that when they hear the word industrial, they think about lofts with exposed bricks and large open windows.

There are many people who think they cannot have industrial-style décor. It is because they don’t have the right surroundings. They believe their atmosphere is too traditional to pull it off. Well, this is just a misconception.

We are here to help you understand what industrial design is. Have a look!

What is Industrial Style Design?

The industrial style can be defined as a fuss and frill-free décor. It takes inspiration warehouses; the lofty appearance. Basically, industrial style includes tripped back architecture such as metals, salvaged materials, wood, and bare bricks. It also includes rustic exposed finishes and industrial-inspired lighting.

Wondering what makes it special? The industrial interior design is versatile and mainly consists of neutral colors. The focus of materials is on distinctive texture. The best part of industrial interior design is that it can be pulled off with just décor, lighting, and furniture.

Furthermore, it is a simple design along with minimal design tropes. Still, you can make a bold statement using it. A special thing about this style is that it has an eco-friendly approach as it encourages the use of recycled and salvaged materials.

Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design

Here are the elements of industrial interior design.

  • Color- instead of having bold and bright colors, you must go with neutral and warm tones. It is best to let the color palette be guided by the raw materials. This will help in achieving an authentic industrial look. For adding a clean and fascinating look, you can work with grey and white.
  • Wall and Structure- you must have high ceilings along with exposed bricks, steel beams, unfinished wooden or stainless-steel work, and exposed concrete. If you cannot expose bricks, you can get wallpaper.
  • Lighting- you must go with freestanding floor lamps having metal finishing. It is best to add pendant lamps in the industrial interior design.
  • Floor- the most common floor option is polished concrete; this is because it is patchy and rough. Another option that you have is timber and stone flooring. These will help you achieve an industrial look for your house.
  • Décor and Furniture- having industrial accent items and artwork along with large comfortable and scatter cushions. The wall should have at least one or two large items of photography and abstract art. This will add a little dash of color to your space. Additionally, you can even place large leafy plants for adding life and color.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the industrial interior design in a better way.

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