Tips to Brighten Up a Room with No Natural Light

Looking for brightening up a room that feels like a cave? When you are living in a windowless room, you start to miss the openness and natural light it brings. Just because a room doesn’t have plenty of light, it doesn’t mean you must live in a dark space.

Many people think the only way to brighten up a room is renovation. Though it can correct the issue, it is not the only option. There are many ways to decorate the room to make it a well-lit room.

Decorating a room with no windows is a dreadful and challenging designing task. A room without windows will be a dark space that will not give an inviting and comfortable vibe. Are you wondering how you can brighten up a windowless room? In this post, we have listed the tips through which you can illuminate your room.

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White Walls

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is by using plenty of whites. This is because it will not absorb any color and it will reflect a lot of light back to other surfaces. So, it is advised to have walls and ceilings painted white.

Moreover, you can even add white-colored accents to the room like white curtain, furniture, bedding, frames, and art.



Add a large mirror to the walls and create a simulate the effect of the window. This will not only bounce some light but will provide a sense of depth to your room. If you have low ceiling, you must add a mirror as large as possible. It must reach close to the ceiling; however, not up to the ceiling. You must stop at least 4 to 6 inches below the ceiling.


French Doors

Another wonderful way to lighten up the room is by using French doors. This will enable you to peek into space beyond. It will bring in a new source of light. In addition, add lights in the ceiling fixture that will create an illusion of daylight.



Just like a mirror, a large art will divide the walls similar to a window. To make sure it brings in light, you must use a metallic or white frame with white backdrop. This is an amazing way to bring light for people who don’t want to have all-white floor and ceiling.



To compensate for natural light, you can add some greenery to your space. Plants will bring a touch of brightness to the room. It is suggested to use pots in vibrant and bold colors such as yellow, red, or cobalt. By displaying your flowers in these pots, it will bring a bright touch to your room.

Furthermore, it can be placed on the console table or coffee table, or even near a bookshelf. An important thing to keep in mind is that it should be able to survive in low light. You can use plants like spider plants or ferns.

Therefore, with these few additions and changes, you can easily brighten up the dingiest and darkest room.

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