20 DIY Bathroom Projects and Makeovers

Check out these inspirational DIY projects and makeovers for your bathroom!

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1. Beach Cottage Powder Room Remodel

Sometimes the tiniest of spaces can end up being one of my favorites. This remodel of a tiny closet bathroom into an adorable shiplap powder room turned out better than I ever imagined!

From: My100YearOldHome

2. Powder Room Makeover

After a couple of weeks of trying to find time for those pesky “finishing touches”, I finally give you… our DIY Powder Room Makeover! This project has been a year in the making since I went crazy and primed over the orange/gold walls last spring. This project was kind of pushed aside to finish the kitchen, which ended up being a good thing- we went in a completely different direction from our original plan!

From: NinaHendrick

3. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Hey hey friends!  To say I am excited about this project today would be an extreme understatement.  This room has been in the works longer than I care to admit, but I finally got around to finishing it and I LOVE THE RESULTS!

From: Shanty2Chic

4. Wooden Curtain Rods

Are you looking for a pretty and chunky wooden curtain rod and brackets? I think you’ll like this design and how easy it is to build.

From: AbbottsAtHome

5. Industrial Curtain Rod

Sharing a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a DIY industrial curtain rod to add charm and style to your home.

From: NorthCountryNest

6. Shiplap for Rookies

My shiplap dreams have come true! I recently talked about how this new round mirror had me completely itching to make a few more updates in our bathroom.

From: TheDIYPLaybook

7. Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

What’s one of the most important things you need when moving into a new house? I’ll give you a few hints. they provide privacy, help with cooling and heating, you need more than one, they can be really expensive. Did you guess Curtains and Curtain Rods? If you did you are right! Curtains and Curtain Rods are super important in a new house but they are down right expensive. I want to show you how to DIY Curtain Rods so you can save money and get a really cool look too!

From: ChaoticallyCreative

8. Farmhouse Vanity Light Fixture

See how to make this super simple farmhouse bathroom vanity light fixture on a budget! It's super easy to make & also super affordable!

I have been struggling with what light fixture to put in our upstairs bathroom for a while now. I’m actually struggling with the whole space. The bathroom is small & I am trying to maximize the space all while trying to make it pretty. It’s coming along, but the light fixture was holding me back. We had a bathroom vanity light from Home Depot hanging in this space, but when we hung this mirror from Scout & Nimble the light fixture hung over the mirror & didn’t fit right. So, what’s a girl to do? Build her own light fixture! Here is the DIY bathroom vanity light we came up with.

From: LizMarie

9. Pipe & Rope Curtain Rods

Call me your fairy godmother, because today I’m going to make some pipe dreams come true. And we’re gonna take that rope you may be at the end of and USE it in a healthy, productive way.

From: HeatheredNest

10. Industrial Pipe Shelves

I’ve been wanting to build something out of industrial pipe for the last few years, but I never really had a good reason to try my hand at pipe fitting (all the professional pipe fitters in the world are glaring at me right now). So I got busy in the bathroom last weekend building some new industrial pipe shelves.

From: HouseOfHawthornes

11. Turnbuckle Shelf

Learn How To Make These Easy DIY Turnbuckle Shelves! They’re The Hottest Trend In Farmhouse Decor With An Industrial Twist! We’re Loving How Easy These Were To Build And The Hardware Is Just $32 For Two Sets!

From: LollyJane

12. Air Freshener Decoration

I promise, this is the easiest thing you will ever do and you will love the way it looks in your home.

From: Eighteen25

13. Typography Signs

What do you think?  Even better that it cost me nothing!  Woo to the hoo!I’ll definitely be snapping up any frames like these that I see at the thrift store from now on.

From: BlesserHouse

14. Floating Ladder Shelf

A DIY floating ladder shelf that fits in perfectly with any decor or room. Combine DIY floating shelves and DIY ladder shelves to create this unique open shelf. The step by step plans show you how to build this perfect alternative to simple open shelves.


15. Rustic Wood Mirror Frame

The wood frame itself is made from pine boards. We stained the frame Rustic Gray and roughed it up a bit with a sanding block, nails, and a rough gloss treatment. We attached our wood frame to the mirror using a few joist hangers and at the bottom we used a few command strips.

From: Tag&Tibby

16. Inexpensive Tub Trick

Even the most basic bath tub can be expensive. And when you are flipping homes, it’s important to try to curb costs wherever possible while creating a superior product. My partner, Lance, came up with this tub trick and we’ve used it about 3 times now with extraordinary results.

From: Spruce&Pine

17. Makeup and Home Beauty Candle Jars

DIY Makeup And Homemade Beauty Products: The All Natural, Chemical Free Cosmetics Book.

From: ItsAllAboutMakeUps

18. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Beyond the bathroom, this organizer system would also be right at home in the kitchen, in the garage, or in the craft studio.

From: TheDIYPlaybook

19. Farmhouse Mason Jar Light

This little project adds sooo much simple farmhouse charm to my otherwise standard bathroom & for under $50!!!!!! Come take a little peek at this DIY. I hope you all love it as much as we do!

From: TheQuaintSanctuary

20. Floating Shelves

I decided I was in desperate need of organization and a little decor. So, the first thing to do was to create some cute shelves! To start, I needed to figure out how long I wanted them, how many, and where to put them. So, I started by using painters tape and figuring out exactly what I wanted. I obviously thought I wanted three, and that didn’t happen. My idea for the top third shelf was to make it half the size and put it flush on the right. But, once I got the two shelves up, I thought this would just be way to busy.


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