23 Cute Little Macaron Recipes

Do macarons taste better when the prettier they look? I’m almost positive that’s true! Check out these wonderful little macaron recipes!

Article Image From: IndulgeWithMimi

1. Salted Caramel Praline Macarons

I didn’t just want soft, pillowy macaron shells sandwiched with caramel this time, I wanted some crunch too.  What better way to add crunch than to use praline and chocolate, turning them into Salted Caramel Praline Macarons.

From: PatisserieMakesPerfect

2. Bailey’s Salted Caramel Macarons

I thought a salted caramel macaron with dark chocolate ganache couldn’t get any better, but… it can.

From: GoodieGodmother

3. Hot Chocolate Macarons

The weather outside is frightful, but hot chocolate macarons are sure to warm your heart – delightful fireplace burning or not.

From: GoodieGodmother

4. Blueberry and Mascarpone Macarons

We love macarons (who doesn’t?!) so when we decided to whip up a batch today we thought we’d go for a summer appropriate fruit flavor!

From: BakingAMess

5. Blueberry Macarons

You get truly deep fruit flavors both in the filling and the macaron shells of these raspberry, banana and blueberry macarons.  The macaron shells are flavored with freeze dried fruit that’s been blended and sifted to a fine powder.

From: SugarWinzy

6. Margarita Macarons

These Margarita Macarons are the perfect combination of sweet and savory – a classic macaron shell filled with a tequila lime buttercream and topped off with a little corse salt to really give you that margarita flavor. There is definitely not enough tequila in this recipe to get you drunk – but I highly suggest eating them with a real Margarita.

From: SprinklesForBreakfast

7. Over the Rainbow Macarons

Today I want to share these dreamy dreamy (yes, I said it 2x) Over-the-Rainbow macarons with you. They were inspired by the new canvas and the possibility of endless adventures to come.

From: IndulgeWithMimi

8. Oreo Macarons

Turn your favorite store-bought classics into something more decadent with these delicate Oreo macarons.

From: LivForCake

9. Mango White Chocolate Ganache Macarons

Get a taste of the tropics with these mango white chocolate ganache macarons! Their crisp almond shell gives way to a creamy, fruity decadent ganache filling.

From: EatsWellWithOthers

10. Key Lime Pie Macarons

In tribute to both occasions, this month’s A Year in Macaron flavor embodies the fresh tartness of my favorite green-colored pie: Key Lime Pie Macarons!

From: PennyForHerThoughts

11. Nutella Macarons

I’ll admit it is pretty hard to make something with Nutella that is not good, but I think these are exceptionally good. So you should definitely give them a try. I took a simple macaron shell, brushed it with cocoa powder, and filled it with a decedent Nutella ganaches.

From: SprinklesForBreakfast

12. Coffee Macarons

Delicate French Macaron Shells are infused with rich Coffee and Filled with Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella Spread. (Naturally Gluten-Free.)

From: BakingAMoment

13. S’mores Macarons

These S’mores macarons will satisfy your craving when there isn’t a campfire nearby!

From: LivForCake

14. French Chocolate Macarons

Macarons are not difficult to make, but they can be so finicky that they have a reputation for turning bakers’ hair gray. They often spread into odd shapes or form dark stains on top. But don’t be scared to try these, because even if they don’t turn out as beautiful as the ones in the shop windows, they’ll still taste delicious!

From: ChowHow

15. Coffee Macarons (Italian Method)

A delicious macaron with a slight touch of cocoa sandwiched together with a creamy coffee buttercream.

From: HerCupOfJoy

16. Chocolate and Hazelnut Macarons

Amazing Chocolate and Hazelnut French Macarons that are made with ground hazelnuts and filled with a Nutella ganache.

From: ATipsyGiraffe

17. Chocolate Espresso Macarons

I’ll be honest, French Macarons are probably the most challenging cookies I’ve ever baked. They are very simple to make, yet so hard to perfect. I’ve wasted so much almond flour to perfect these tricky cookies.

From: SimplyHomeCooked

18. Classic French Macarons with Vanilla Buttercream Filling

What better way to celebrate love than with a delicious French treat. The French just know how to do it best. Whether you are celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, at a bridal or baby shower, or just because, you can’t go wrong with a classic French macaron with vanilla buttercream filling.

From: AheadOfThyme

19. Raspberry Lemon Macarons

Macarons – the elusive, dreamy cookie recipe that haunts home pastry chefs! These little finicky cookies are a real treat to enjoy and can be a real treat to make, once you get a hang of it!

From: TatyanasEverydayFood

20. Marbled Macarons

They may be small but they are so decadent it is hard not to fall in love with these little French delights. Now these have gone up a level in our house and become marbled macarons.

From: Winnettes

21. Strawberry Macarons

These adorable little heart-shaped strawberry macarons are infused with strawberry flavor in every layer (no artificial flavoring). So good, you wouldn’t want to share!

From: SweetAndSavory

22. Earl Grey Macarons

This flavor is definitely one of my new favorites. It would be nice to have this macaron as part of an afternoon tea break at home with some girlfriends.

From: IndulgeWithMimi

23. Watermelon Macarons

Is there anything better than a macaron?  They are so pretty and feel so extravagant and fancy to me.  I absolutely love them as a treat for myself or as a homemade gift.

From: MyFrugalAdventures

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