21 Incredibly Delicious Red Velvet Desserts

Red velvet cake always reminds me of the holidays, especially Christmas! Take a look at these festive red velvet desserts!

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1. Red Velvet Brownies And Marshmallow Cream Cheese Frosting

Rich and flavorful red velvet brownies are slathered in an ultra creamy marshmallow and cream cheese frosting, then decorated with holiday sprinkles!

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2. Red Velvet Truffles

How about a box of handmade truffles? And what if those truffles weren’t your regular run-of-the-mill chocolate truffles, but were instead composed of moist, tangy red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting?

From: OhNuts

3. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Dating from the 1920s, creamy filling mounded between two big puffy cookies became a phenomenon. This version of the recipe has big taste yet smaller size.

From: BHAndG

4. Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese

If you love Lofthouse cookies – then you definitely need to try these Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting. They’re pillowy soft with a delicate crumb, delicious red velvet flavor, and cream cheese frosting.

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5. Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches

These Red Smooth Cake Sandwiches are moist, chewy and discernment fitting same red smooth in cookie pattern. They are filled with a yummy elite mallow icing and sprinkled with festive Christmastide sprinkles – perfect for your pass biscuit tray or handing out to neighbors and friends!

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6. Red Velvet Snowflake Cookies

These Red Velvet Snowflake Cookies are just perfect to make as soon as the cool weather hits!

From: CreatedByDiane

7. Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze

I adore red velvet. Red Velvet Cupcakes are one of my all time favorites so I think they definitely deserve to be made in breakfast form. Don’t they just have Christmas written all over them?

From: CookingClassy

8. Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cake is something that my Mom always made when we were kids…  and it was always my sister’s favorite while cheesecake was always my favorite!

From: SpendWithPennies

9. Classic Red Velvet Layer Cake

Red velvet cake is so much more than a white or chocolate cake tinted red. This iconic cake is a masterpiece of flavors, textures, and frosting. Learn all my tricks and tips to perfecting this classic red velvet cake recipe at home!

From: SallysBakingAddiction

10. Red Velvet Cheesecake

This Mini Red Velvet Cheesecake is rich and creamy. An easy recipe perfect for your Valentine day celebrations and dinners.

From: AClassicTwist

11. Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

Yes, you can use any type of red velvet cake mix. And yes, these will be the softest, chewiest, most chocolate chip-filled cookies to ever cross your lips.

From: JustATaste

12. New York-Style Red Velvet Cheesecake

Try this updated version of a traditional cheesecake recipe.

From: LandOLakes

13. Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes

These Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes are a moist red velvet cheesecake with an Oreo crust. This is the best red velvet recipe I’ve ever had.

From: TheGirlWhoAteEverything

14. Red Velvet Peppermint Thumbprints

So let’s make a pact right here, right now, that we’ll forever serve Christmas cookies year-round. Because these Red Velvet Peppermint Thumbprints cannot and should not be limited to the Christmas season, you hear me?

From: TheDomesticRebel

15. Red Velvet Donuts

Red velvet donuts topped with cream cheese frosting! Bonus: They’re ready in just 20 minutes.

From: BakerByNature

16. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Get ready for the Christmas season with these red velvet crinkle cookies!

From: AlanaValeria

17. Red Velvet Banana Bread

It’s drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with Christmas cheer!

From: HappyCookings

18. Red Velvet Cheesecake

This Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake Copycat Recipe is simply AMAZING! Wow your guests for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and dinner parties!

From: FoodFolksAndFun

19. Red Velvet Christmas Cookies

Red Velvet Christmas Cookies are buttery and rich, topped with cream cheese icing and holiday sprinkles to make these festive cookies irresistible!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread

20. Red Velvet Cheesecake

I sampled a piece, and I have committed every single, creamy, decadent bite to my taste memory. I’ll tell you with great confidence that I think this cheesecake is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

From: RecipeGirl

21. Red Velvet Trifle

When I see Red Velvet …anything…I almost always think “holidays”. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s RED? Or maybe it’s because that’s the only time of year I make Red Velvet Cake.

From: ArtsyChicksRule

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