19 Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipes: Christmas Desserts

Check out all of these fun and festive sugar cookie designs!!! Which is your favorite?

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1. Stamped Holiday Sugar Cookies

Make stamped sugar cookies that are easy to decorate and positively gorgeous to serve!

From: CountryCleaver

2. Christmas Lights Cookies

Christmas Lights Cookies with a small batch of royal icing and mini M&Ms as Christmas Lights.

From: DessertForTwo

3. Snowman Face Cookies

As much as I love traditional Christmas colors, when it comes to cookies I often find myself leaning toward pastels.  These cute Snowman Face Cookies could be made in most any color scheme, but I do think they look extra sweet and wintery in these soft colors.

From: GloriousTreats

4. Marble Sugar Cookies

I saw a link on Pinterest to these Land o’ Lakes marble sugar cookies using fall colors.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try this technique with Christmas colors and our Best Sugar Cookie recipe.  I told Nancy that I thought these Marble Sugar Cookies would striking and very festive in red, green and white.  I was right.  They turned out great.


5. Santa’s Elves Cookies

Check out these fantastic Santa’s Elves sugar cookies!

From: CookieConnection

6. Winter Penguin Cookies

In preparation for my recent Pink and Purple Penguin Party, I spent a day making some cute penguin cookies.  I wanted them to be simple, playful and girly, and I love how they came together!

From: GloriousTreats

7. Snowman Sugar Cookies

I chose snowmen and snowflakes. But mostly snowmen because they’re so darn cute!

From: SallysBakingAddiction

8. Spiral Christmas Sugar Cookies

These Spiral Christmas Sugar Cookies are soft and chewy and full of festive colors!

From: TheStayAtHomeChef

9. Christmas Wreath Cookies

I am crazy about wreaths this year. I have made a couple of burlap wreaths for the front door plus, I have purchased several more forms to make wreaths for each window. As I was gathering the supplies to make them, I stopped because I had a great idea. Christmas wreath cookies!

From: TheBearfootBaker

10. Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Kids love decorating these holiday cookies with crushed red candy and bright white frosting.

From: BetterHomes&Gardens

11. Snowflake Sugar Cookies

My kids absolutely love sugar cookies, I always give them some dough to roll out and cut and play with on their own baking mats. They have a blast just playing with the dough. I also frosted a couple cookies for them and had them decorate with sprinkles and they ate them faster than I could get a picture with my camera, just phone pics!

From: Pineapple&Coconut

12. Oh Deer Sugar Cookies

I made the sweetest baby deer cookies to give to my nieces the other day and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I say that because each time I pipe cookies, I get nervous right before drawing on them with royal icing. I’m much better with a pencil. These turned out totally cute though. Yay and Happy Holidays!

From: Bakerella

13. Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Super soft cut-out sugar cookies decorated with an easy icing. These Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies are so fun to decorate and perfect for the holidays!

From: LiveWellBakeOften

14. Holiday Sugar Cookies

Katie Koziolek of Hartland, Minnesota adds a hint of lemon to these delightful sugar cookies.

From: TasteOfHome

15. Gingerbread Men Sugar Cookies

It’s time for Christmas cookies!! I am so excited to share some of the Christmas cookies I made this past weekend. I love making decorated cookies every year for the holidays, and gingerbread men are some of my favorite.

From: HoneyBlonde

16. Iced Snowflake Sugar Cookies

I have a confession. This is the very first time in my life I have made royal icing. It is the very first time in my life I’ve made iced sugar cookies. So please don’t be too critical I’ve got a few things to learn about the tricks of icing!

From: CookingClassy

17. Perfect Frosted Sugar Cookies

Looking for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for cutouts? This is it! Delicious, mildly flavored, and they don’t spread in the oven!

From: Wholefully

18. Best Tasting Christmas Sugar Cookie

Christmas sugar cookies (also known as cut out cookies) are a family tradition. This simple recipe for the perfect dough stays put (doesn’t spread) and tastes amazing!

From: TheSlowRoastedItalian

19. Cake Mix Sugar Cookies

Cake mix sugar cookies are a quick & sweet treat for Christmas! Only 5 ingredients, no rolling, no chilling time and you’ve got super soft cookies that kids will love to frost and put sprinkles on. Takes just minutes to mix up the dough in just one bowl!

From: TogetherAsFamily

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