39 Nutella Treats Better Than A Boyfriend

Boyfriends are great. But let’s face it. We all just need to curl up on the couch with a nutella treat every once in a while. 😉

Article Image From: SugarSpunRun

1. Nutella & Coconut Cheesecake Fudgy Brownies

So, meet my newest brownie obsession! Nutella & Coconut Cheesecake Fudgy Brownies!

From: TheBakingChocolaTess

2. Chocolate Nutella Poke Cake

A delicious and easy to make chocolate nutella poke cake with an incredible mousse frosting.

From: ChelseasMessyApron

3. Nutella Swirl Ice Cream

Our favorite chocolate hazelnut spread makes an appearance in this Nutella Swirl Ice Cream that was inspired by the many, many gelatos we enjoyed during our travels in Italy!

From: HouseOfNashEats

4. White Choc Nutella Bars

No-Bake White Chocolate Nutella Bars – Deliciously creamy and fudgy no-bake Nutella bars topped with white chocolate. A perfect quick and easy chocolate treat!

From: MarshasBakingAddiction

5. Molten Nutella Lava Cakes

Whether it’s date night or a dinner party, these Molten Nutella Lava Cakes are the perfect dessert. These fancy looking cakes are just 4 ingredients and taste just like traditional molten chocolate cakes, but are Nutella flavored instead.

From: KirbiesCravings

6. Nutella Oreo Cookies

Nutella-infused cookies made with smashed Oreo pieces for a crazy, easy cookie that’s a far cry from your average chocolate chip recipe.

From: SugarSpunRun

7. Nutella Mousse Cookie Cups

These Nutella Mousse Cookie Cups are the perfect way to indulge! They taste insanely delicious and are great for parties and special occasions. I promise, you just found your favorite way to eat Nutella.

From: PlatedCravings

8. Nutella Cheesecake Chocolate Cups

You only need 5 ingredients to make these gorgeous Nutella Cheesecake Chocolate Cups. Creamy Nutella cheesecake covered in a thick chocolate shell – the perfect no bake dessert.


9. Nutella Fudge Cake

Make your New Year’s gathering extra special with this scrumptious Nutella fudge cake. This cake is made with 3 fudgy layers of fine chocolate cake, and smothered between a rich butter cream and Nutella frosting.

From: SimplyHomeCooked

10. Ultimate Nutella Cupcakes

Ultimate Nutella Cupcakes feature my perfectly moist chocolate cupcake base which is filled with Nutella, topped with Nutella buttercream, and garnished with a Ferrero Rocher candy! It’s Nutella perfection!

From: HandleTheHeat

11. Mini No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

A No Bake Nutella Cheesecake made with a biscuit base and topped with a Nutella flavored cheesecake that is light and almost mousse-like. Simple and FUN to make, and yet elegant enough to serve at a dinner party, don’t you think?

From: RecipeTinEats

12. Nutella Stuffed Salted Caramel Blondies

I think this may just be the holy grail of Nutella Blondies I’ve ever made or tried in my lifetime…I swear. Fudgy, melt-in-your-mouth Salted Caramel Blondies…stuffed with Nutella. And no washing pans afterwards.

From: CafeDelites

13. No Bake Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake

These yummy no-bake strawberry Nutella cheesecakes are perfect for this time of year.

From: LilLuna

14. Easy Nutella Brownies

I know you feel me. The weekend went by way too fast, so I figured we could do our best at making Monday a little less painful. And I can’t think of a more appropriate way to achieve Monday Bliss Status than with NUTELLA BROWNIES.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

15. Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Bars

You can’t even imagine the self-control I had to exercise for these babies.  I wanted to eat the dough with a spoon. It was pure torture, waiting for them to bake, waiting for them to cool, waiting for them to be photographed before I could swan dive face first into them.

From: JensFavoriteCookies

16. Nutella Truffles

Holy cow. Easy 3-ingredient Nutella Truffles. Because sometimes you just need chocolate, am I right?

From: CrazyForCrust

17.  Nutella Stuffed Cookie Cups

Cookie lovers unite! These ooey gooey golden brown cookie cups will blow your mind with their surprise melty Nutella filling! That’s right! Hidden INSIDE is a good teaspoon full of dreamy Nutella goodness. I don’t know about you but these chunky cookie cups give the old cookie a run for its money.

From: SweetestMenu

18. Nutella Crunch Ice Cream

If Nutella doesn’t make everything better than this Nutella Ice Cream will for sure!

From: YourHomeBasedMom

19. Strawberry Nutella Pizza

I was at an Italian restaurant with a dozen other ladies, and we were all drooling over this sinfully delicious treat!

From: LilLuna

20. Nutella Lava Cookies

These Nutella lava cookies are my chocolate chip cookie dreams come true. As if chocolate chip cookies weren’t already tempting enough, they are now packed with melting Nutella lava flowing out when you break them apart.

From: GastroSenses

21. Nutella Dark Chocolate Brownies

Dark, fudgy, gooey bars of chewy delicious brownies. They’re so gooey and rich. Did I mention gooey?

From: WhatMollyMade

22. Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Whoopie Pies

These soft and fluffy Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Whoopie Pies are absolutely divine! They are filled with a creamy Nutella frosting making them the ultimate chocolate treat.

From: HandleTheHeat

23. Nutella Rice Krispies Treats

I stocked up on Nutella hazelnut spread last time I was at Target, and thought Rice Krispies® treats would taste AMAZING with a little Nutella mixed in. I was worried they would come out too sweet, so I was careful about adding too much Nutella and mixed in some unsweetened cocoa powder for that rich chocolatey look and taste. They came out perfect.

From: MySanFranciscoKitchen

24. Nutella Chocolate Cake

This Nutella Chocolate Cake is a delicious combination of an incredibly moist chocolate cake and a sweet, delicious Nutella icing, all covered in chocolate ganache. Delish!

From: LifeLoveAndSugar

25. Nutella Tart

This nutella tart tastes exactly how it looks: lush. It’s a nutella ganache of sorts, cooked on the… I’m sorry, wait. Did you read that just now? NUTELLA GANACHE.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

26. Nutella Oatmeal Cookie Bars

These Nutella Oatmeal Cookie Bars are chewy, gooey and absolutely amazing! They are a perfect easy dessert that is a hit with all who try it! The oatmeal cookie base and topping pair perfectly with the Nutella layer.

From: ChefInTraining

27. Easy Nutella Brownies

I am gonna just start by saying that these Nutella Brownies are the BEST brownies you will ever make!!! And I do not say that lightly friends. As you know I am a major chocoholic and brownies may as well be listed as a food group for me.

From: TheOliveBlogger

28. No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

This No Bake Nutella Cheesecake is thick, creamy and silky smooth! It’s full of Nutella flavor and completely to die for. And of course no bake is always a plus.

From: LifeLoveAndSugar

29. Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Buttery and gooey on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside! This Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie had all of us weak at the knees begging for more, desperately scraping each and every crumb directly out of the pan like we’d been starving for weeks!

From: CafeDelites

30. Nutella Brownie Cake

This decadent Nutella Brownie Cake is layers of rich chocolate brownies, creamy Nutella frosting, toasted hazelnuts, and a smooth chocolate ganache.

From: HomeMadeInterest

31. Nutella Fudge

These Nutella Fudge Brownies are decadent little bars! With a dense brownie on the bottom, Nutella fudge in the middle and chocolate on top, you can’t go wrong.

From: LifeLoveAndSugar

32. Nutella Cream Cheese Turnovers

Are these dessert or breakfast? I can’t really tell. Turnover implies breakfast, but being slathered in Nutella and puff pastry totally screams dessert. Breakfast, desserts, breakfast, dessert. Thinking is hard. Really I just prefer opening wide and shoving one of these mini nutella cream cheese turnovers into my face hole.

From: CountryCleaver

33. Molten Nutella Lava Cake

This single serving molten Nutella lava mug cake couldn’t be easier. The recipe is just four ingredients and eggless. Hopefully you will love me and not hate me for this one.

From: KirbiesCravings

34. Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

These Hazelnut Nutella Chocolate Truffles only need four ingredients, they are completely no bake and they taste incredible! Made with an easy dark chocolate ganache and a generous helping of Nutella and they are then rolled in chopped roasted hazelnuts.

From: SweetestMenu

35. Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes – Baked vanilla donut holes coated in cinnamon sugar and filled with creamy Nutella. Use a mini muffin pan for these addictive homemade donuts. No frying necessary!

From: CelebratingSweets

36. Nutella Cookie Cups

Hold on. One second. I’m just licking the nutella from my fingers and brushing off cookie crumbs from the computer so I can try to describe how perfect these cookie cups are.

From: CakesCottage

37. Chocolate Nutella Lava Cookies

Oversized rich chocolate cookies are stuffed with Nutella. When you break the cookies open, they release a completely molten, liquid lava Nutella center.

From: KirbiesCravings

38. Salted Nutella Blondies

Salted Nutella blondies uses a chewy blondie recipe with the addition of Nutella dollops and a sprinkle of sea salt on top.

From: IfYouGiveABlondeAKitchen

39. No-Bake Nutella Pie

This week I made a recipe centered around everyone’s favorite spread: Nutella!  This is my No Bake Nutella Pie.


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