18 Wreaths Made Out Of Food!

Check out these wreaths made out of food! They make a great centerpiece for any Christmas party!

Article Image From: SimplyDelicious

1. Cinnamon, Berry, and Marzipan Wreath

Me and Max wanted to give you a great idea for a show stopping centre piece for your Christmas table. Decorated with whatever Christmassy treats and decorations one has lying around. Steel a snippet of mistletoe, nick a bauble off the tree, sprinkle some snowy powdered sugar, cinnamon sticks, dried fruits etc. Should inspire some ooooohhhs at your Christmas dinner.

From: NickyAndMax

2. Cranberry and Brie Puff Pastry Wreath

We’re continuing the festive cheer today with this GORGEOUS cranberry and brie puff pastry wreath. Listen, if there’s one recipe to make during the holidays, it’s this one.

From: SimplyDelicious

3. Frosted Wreath Cookies with Candied Herbs and Lemon Glaze

To decorate, dip tops of cookies into lemon glaze, let excess drip off. Transfer to a wire rack and top each cookie with candied herbs forming wreaths. Garnish with silver dragees if desired.

From: TheJewelsOfNewYork

4. Meringue Christmas Wreath Cake

After all the cookies were baked and plated I couldn’t help but feel they deserved something more. They looked festive enough, but another idea was swirling in my head. Cake! This surprises absolutely no one I’m sure.

From: SprinkleBakes

5. Sticky Mincemeat Bun Wreath

The wreath (or individual buns) will keep well for up to 2 days stored in a large airtight container. The baked buns also freeze well, wrapped in clingfilm.

From: SainsburysMagazine

6. Rocky Road Christmas Wreath

A delicious blend of favorite holiday goodies pack this Rocky Road Christmas Wreath. You’re going to love how simple this treat it is to make!

From: TheWhoot

7. Coconut Pavlova Wreath

From: AustralianMum

8. Holiday Wreath Veggie and Cheese Plate

Beautiful ideas for creating holiday wreath cheese and veggie platters.

From: YummyMummyKitchen

9. Fruit Pizza Christmas Wreath

All of a sudden I cannot get enough of fresh fruit & cream cheese!  It’s like I’m craving it every day.  Although, it’s killing my diet & my thighs, y’all.  We were recently at a party, and someone had made a fruit pizza.  It was SO good.  My husband and I had way too much.  It’s was almost embarrassing.  But it was at that party that I had the idea to try to make a fruit pizza Christmas wreath.

From: NestOfPosies

10. Holiday Wreath Cheese Board

Beautiful ideas for creating holiday wreath cheese and veggie platters.

From: YummyMummyKitchen

11. Caprese Salad Christmas Wreath

With a beautiful and thick balsamic reduction in the middle of your platter, this Caprese Christmas Wreath is the perfect starter!

From: CafeDelites

12. Christmas Cherry & Chocolate Meringue Wreath

I love cherries, and the compote gives it a bit of richness, set off by the chocolate. You can use any sort, but dark chocolate will help offset against the sweetness of the meringue.

From: BubbaBlue&Me

13. Christmas Wreath Cake

From: RecipesPlus

14. Christmas Wreath Rice Krispie Treats

We are so very happy with how these Christmas Wreath Rice Krispie Treats turned out – they are colorful, festive and full of the holiday spirit. And did we mention delicious?!


15. Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

These Easy Christmas Wreath Cupcakes made with chocolate cupcakes, homemade buttercream frosting, fondant, and large sprinkles! These are some of the cutest and easiest Christmas cupcakes you’ll find!

From: CrazyAdventuresInParenting

16. Rosemary Wreath with Olives & Cheese

From: CleanEatingSnacks

17. Festive filled Brioche Centerpiece

Great British Bake Off’s Kimberley Wilson has created this stunning celebration bread with individually filled buns and a melting cheese middle – made for sharing!

From: BBCGoodFood

18. Fruit Christmas Wreath

You can use other fruit combinations if you prefer, but make sure to choose fruit that holds together and won’t discolor if cut. I’ve used watermelon cut with mini shape cutters before and both worked well. Apple, pear, stone fruits and oranges don’t work well, so avoid them.

From: Momtastic

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