30 Cherry Desserts That Will Hit Your Sweet Tooth Just Right

Check out these scrumptious cherry desserts that will hit your sweet tooth just right!

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1. Cherry Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Cherry Cream Cheese Pound Cake is so incredibly spectacular. I hit the gold mine with this amazing recipe. This delicious cake starts with my Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe buts adds fresh cherries and almond extract to the batter.

From: CantStayOutOfTheKitchen

2. Chocolate Covered Cherries

These chocolate covered cherries are made with maraschino cherries, a creamy center and plenty of dark chocolate. A homemade version of the classic treat that’s impossible to resist!

From: DinnerAtTheZoo

3. Cherry Hand Pies

Fresh cherry hand pies made with frozen puff pastry dough and fresh cherries!

From: DessertForTwo

4. Cheery Cherry Cookies

I adore these fabulous Cheery Cherry Cookies. It’s filled with candied cherries, coconut, and pecans and tastes absolutely amazing. The smell of baking coconut filled my house with the most wonderful fragrance. This cookie is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside–just what we like in a cookie.

From: CantStayOutOfTheKitchen

5. White Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cookies

These delicate White Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cookies are soft on the inside with a slightly crispy edge. The sweet maraschino cherries and white chocolate are an absolute dreamy flavor combination and the pink hue given to the dough is magical.

From: MelissasSouthernStyleKitchen

6. Old-Fashioned Cherry Cobbler

Old-Fashioned Cherry Cobbler is absolutely heavenly. Truly, this is one of those desserts that will have you drooling from the first smell out of the oven!

From: CantStayOutOfTheKitchen

7. Black Forest Dump Cake

All you need are a few simple ingredients. Like a chocolate cake mix and some cherry pie filling. To make this easy decadent chocolate cherry dessert.


8. Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

These Cherry Cheesecake Brownies combine two incredible desserts: cherry cheesecake and brownies! Fudgy brownies layered with creamy cheesecake and cherry pie filling are hard to resist and make the perfect easy dessert for any occasion.

From: MommyMusings

9. Cherry Almond Poke Cake

This is one of our new favorite recipes – full of moist delicious cherry flavor! This cherry almond poke cake is so sweet and incredibly delicious.

From: TheCountryCook

10. Cherry Doughnut Holes

Perfect Cherry Doughnut Holes with a Sweet & Sticky Glaze – No need to visit the doughnut shop with these delicious morsels!

From: JustSoTasty

11. Chocolate Cherry Galette

If you like cherries and chocolate, then you’ll LOVE this Chocolate Cherry Galette!  Rich and flaky chocolate pie crust encases a homemade cherry pie filling that’s so sweet and juicy.  It’s like pie or tart, but much easier because it’s free-form.  A perfectly seasonal summer dessert!

From: BakingAMoment

12. Cherry Chocolate Chip Pie

If you’re looking for a really yummy pie recipe then look no further because this recipe is delicious! Whenever I make this, it goes fast and everyone is always impressed. It’s a creamy, chocolatey, sweet cherry pie that just melts in your mouth. This recipe is great for parties, Valentine’s Day, little girls birthdays, etc. Enjoy, just be sure to make enough because it won’t last long.

From: RainingHotCoupons

13. Cherry Sheet Cake

Cherry Sheet Cake – a moist, cherry jello cake topped with a homemade almond buttercream frosting! So delicious!!

From: CherrySheetCake

14. Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

Fudgy brownies with cheesecake and premium Lucky Leaf® pie filling swirled on top!  These brownies are rich and creamy and have three delicious desserts in one!

From: TheRecipeCritic

15. Cherry Pie Crumb Bars

Cherry Pie Crumb Bars Recipe – quick and easy crumb bars with fresh cherry filling. Buttery crumb topping and sweet fruit filling make this a perfect summer dessert!

From: CrunchyCreamySweet

16. Cherry Vanilla Shortbread Tart

This recipe makes the most stunning summer dessert that’s packed with cherries and vanilla in every luscious bite!

From: ErrensKitchen

17. Cherry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust

I hope you like Oreos (who doesn’t like Oreos!) as this recipe contains, erm, quite a few.

From: SimplyStacie

18. Glazed Cherry Bars

Delicious Cherry Bars topped with a heavenly glaze that has hints of almond extract. It will be your new favorite dessert!

From: LilLuna

19. Cherry Cheesecake Trifle

It totally is a lovely cherry cheesecake(ish) trifle but you could have so much fun with this on game day!

From: SouthYourMouth

20. Black Forest Trifle

This Black Forest Trifle combines rich, fudge chocolate brownies with tart ruby red cherry pie filling for the ultimate chocolate-cherry dessert. Whipped topping provides a light creamy finish to the entire treat.

From: Kroger

21. Mini Cherry Pies

Mini Cherry Pies – a fun way to make a mini version of your favorite pie! They are so cute, so easy and so delish, plus you can get a whole pie to yourself!!

From: OMGChocolateDesserts

22. Cherry Pie Sheet Cake

This Cherry Pie Sheet Cake I have brought along to share with you all today is wonderful. The cake is buttery and rich which combines to well with the slightly tart (but mostly sweet!) cherries. If you are a cherry lover, I bet you will love this fun sheet cake.

From: JamieCooksItUp

23. Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

Cherry Cheesecake Brownies – who can resist a rich and chewy brownie with a creamy layer of cherry cheesecake on the top?

From: CreationsByKara

24. Cherry Dream Bars

Cherry Dream Bars would make a perfect treat to devour with those you love most on Valentine’s Day (or any other day, if you ask me).

From: ChefInTraining

25. Cherry Kuchen Bars

Yummy cherry pie filling, sweet powdered sugar icing, and a delicious crust combine to create these unbeatable dessert bars.

From: BetterHomes&Gardens

26. Cherry Pie Crumble Bars

Our Cherry Pie Crumble Bars are beyond scrumptious. They are made with a special all-natural homemade tart cherry pie filling with plenty of freshly picked tart cherries as well as a crumble pastry with just the right salty-sweet and buttery richness you would expect in a darn good tart cherry pie. Irresistible!

From: WickedGoodKitchen

27. Cherry Pie Bites

These super delicious Cherry Pie Bites are so super simple. Since they are made with store bought crescent rolls, they can be made in a jiffy. Perfect for breakfast or even dessert.

From: CincyShopper

28. Cherry Delight

Recently, Cherry Delight made an appearance in our house.  It’s one of those recipes that I remember fondly from my childhood.  My mom never actually made this dessert but I remember having it at BBQ’s and friends’ houses.  And boy was it delicious!

From: MondernlyMorgan

29. Cherry Pie Bars

I grew to develop my own taste for cherry desserts, and this cherry kuchen bars recipe is absolutely at the top of my cherry sweets must-have list. Not only do these cherry kuchen bars taste heavenly, they are also drop dead gorgeous. Just… look.

From: DearCrissy

30. Cherry Pie Cookies

These pretty (and delicious!) shortbread style Cherry Pie cookies are perfect for holiday cookie exchanges or special occasions! Your guests will never guess how easy they are to make!

From: ADishOfDailyLife

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