Incorporating Italian Home Décor in Your House

Thinking of adding an Italian-style home décor? Do you know what is so special about Italian style home décor? Let’s be honest, it is a popular style because it is gorgeously gilded, ornate, elegant and consists of high-quality furnishings. It is, without a doubt, epitome of luxury.

There are two types of Italian styles: Modern Italian and World Ornate Italian. Whether you are interested in a traditional or modern design, it will bring a classy and sophisticated touch to your curb appeal.

Wondering how to incorporate Italian Home décor? Don’t worry, we have created this guide to help you. Take a look!

Everything is Luxurious

Italy is known for its beauty and style. Italians sure know how to enhance the appeal of their house. We all know Italian houses are luxurious; what many people don’t know is that it has layered luxury. This means there is no corner in the house that is missed. Special attention is paid to every little detail and craftsmanship is supreme.

You can have paneled ceilings, and draping chandeliers. The floor features a marble or glossy wood. To add a classy touch, you can place plush rugs; this enhances comfort and coziness. Moreover, the walls have ornate trim and are painted with unique murals.

On the other hand, if you want to have a modern Italian home, you can a minimalist yet luxurious design. The chandeliers are sculptural with glass crystals, the kitchen is lacquered, and furniture is of high-quality.

Gold is Essential

For adding the final layer of the luxury, gilt is added. In the Italian design, the gilt trim is crucial and can be added everywhere. It can be inlaid in tiles, furnishings, and can be used in mirror frames. Additionally, you can add gilt through accessories.

All the accessories of top-quality, this is why you will not find any cheap accessory in the Italian décor. To bring a lavish touch, you can increase the use of glass, crystals, and mirrors in the home. You can get accessories that are gold-leaf covered metal and wood or hand-carved marble or stone.

Clean-Lined Design

If you like to have modern Italian home décor, you should go for black and white. Black is used more than white. Instead of gilt and gleaming accessory, same level of luxury is maintained through premium quality materials used. Though you can still add gleaming accessories or crystal chandelier.

Furthermore, nothing screams Italian luxury like tile, marble, and stones. Don’t be afraid to use marble for floors and walls. If you want to have a rustic style, terra cotta tiles are the right choice for you.

In the end, no matter you like a modern or traditional Italian décor, you can enjoy the same level of luxurious appeal. Don’t forget to invest in a couple of premium quality pieces that will last for a long time. Using tile, marble and stone is necessary. We hope these tips will help you have a luxurious Italian home décor.

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