Best Nightstand Décor Ideas

Thinking of decorating your nightstand? Is it a place where you keep all sorts of miscellany? From books and glasses to chargers and other stuff; everything ends up here. Everyone focuses on the headboard of the bed or how to maximize the space of your room.

There is a huge part of your room that is ignored by everyone, the nightstand. Without a doubt, it is a wonderful place for storage. However, it can be more than just a place to keep random stuff. For a long time, the nightstand has been overlooked.

In this article, we have listed the best ways to decorate the nightstand in your bedroom. Take a look!

Essentials for Your Nightstand

Since nightstand is considered as a storage space, it is made for only two necessary items: books and lighting. Choosing a lamp might be a little challenging task. You have to make sure it adds height to your tabletop. The tall lamp will add height to your space. Keep in mind that it should not take all the space on the table. There should be some space left for accessorizing the table. What if you have a small table? Don’t worry, go for a wall sconce.

Now moving onto books. After placing a lamp, you should add books. Not necessarily these books have to be the ones you are reading. You can stack the books horizontally and make it like a shelf.

Bring Nature Closer to You

There is no better way to enhance the appeal of your room than adding flowers or plants. For bringing a touch of sophistication, use a terrarium with succulents or polished agate. You can choose a vase that looks well with the overall theme of your bedroom. However, the best way is to place a glass save. Not only with this make it look beautiful, but it will also complement all types of décor.

Using Small Items

They may be small in size, but the small items have a huge impact on the décor and appeal of your bedroom. Wondering what are small items? These items are small enough that you can hold in the palm of your hand without any difficulty. They will bring a finished look to your nightstand. For instance, you can add small trinkets or decorative spheres.

Don’t Forget Technology

We are living in a technologically advanced world. You will have to keep in mind your tech needs when decorating your nightstand. If you are a tech person, you will be having a couple of remotes. Well, you can’t leave them lying around. So, get a box to store them; it is a beautiful way to add more storage space without compromising the aesthetics.

Some other essentials for nightstand include a water decanter, a picture frame of loved ones, and a cool alarm clock.

If you place thoughtfully chosen pieces next to your bed, you can immediately elevate the appeal of your room. With the help of these tips, you can enhance the appeal of your bedroom.

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