Tips for Creating a California Aesthetic

Are you thinking of creating a Californian environment? For those who don’t know, living in California means living in different environments. California has an array of architectural styles, cultural influences, and climates. The environment includes beach town, dry desert, and historical towns that have Spanish influences.

When it comes to modern California home design, it includes eclectic touches along with cool, comfortable, and casual accessories. A California styled house includes modern, and eclectic flair to the design elements. The palette is inspired by the ocean or the desert. The abstract art against the bright white walls will make space feel light and airy.

Here are the top tips for creating a Californian aesthetic.


Keep the Fabrics Clean

An excellent way to bring Californian touch is by keeping the fabrics clean. For a small space, we recommend following a neutral palette and keeping things very light. You can use fabrics such as pure cotton and woven linens. For adding texture, you can use these materials in layers in shades of ivory or white. In this way, you can have contrast and texture without overdoing the room. Moreover, it will open up your space and help in providing airy feeling.

When it comes to bed, you can stay with different shades of white. Creating layers is crucial, so you can have cotton sheets with pillows, shams, and a linen duvet cover.


Use Original Handmade Items

There is no better way to add the bohemian touch than getting something handmade like pottery or an object made from natural fibers such as an oversized basket. These will bring a nice touch to the interior of your room. An imperative tip is not to overuse them. As far as artwork is concerned, stick with line drawing. This will help in having an interesting detail that doesn’t interfere with the serenity.


Get a Rug

Without a doubt, the rug is an excellent way to add pattern and color. This will help in creating an inviting vibe in the room. It is better to stay neutral and simple when it comes to design. Then, use rugs to bring life and color to your space. Use vintage rugs that will add an excellent layer and give room a life.


Adding Plants

The best way to bring your room to life is by adding houseplants. With the help of houseplants, you can enhance the overall appeal of the room. Plants are a great way to create a de-stressing yet functional environment. Additionally, you can use rubber plants that are easy to take care of and will not much light.

Less is the Way to Go

A good rule of thumb is less is always more as far as furniture is concerned. For small living rooms, having proper seating is important. You will have to keep in mind how many people will be coming over to your place at a time. It is imperative for you to be realistic. Just keep in mind that you must have clear space.


Therefore, these tips will help bring a California aesthetic appeal to your space.

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