Creating a New England Aesthetic in Your Home

Thinking of bringing New England touch to your space? The houses in New England features different styles that are quainter and charming. The New England style consists of a wide range of styles, from great mansions to rustic beach houses.

The prominent elements of New England aesthetics are nautical influences and fresh coastal colors. Mostly, the colors used are nautical blues, whites, and soft beiges. Essential objects to have in your house include the smooth tongue, groove paneling, plush furniture, and nautical-colored accessories.

In this post, we have mentioned the tips that will help you in creating a New England aesthetics in your home.

Keep it Natural

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to keep everything natural. You can take inspiration from surrounding materials. For bringing a New England appeal, you must stay with a light color palette. This is because New England style has fresh, airy, and relaxing environment.

Decorate your room by using accessories made from natural materials. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials. Keep in mind the materials must be contrasting.

Want to give a little DIY project a try? Take a glass vase or bowl, fill it with shells from the beach or pebbles. This will bring a classy and sophisticated touch.

Create a Beachy Look

You can achieve the New England aesthetic in your home by creating a beachy appeal. Start with white painted walls and pale wooden floor. When it comes to color palette, you must keep it simple. You can select one main color; blue or red. Other colors that you must have to include grey tones or soft beige.

As far as the fabrics are concerned, you can choose fine ticking fabrics with plaids or small-scale patterns. You can buy washed wood furniture, or have seascapes in a light wooden frame, and oversized hurricane lanterns.

Add Wall Paneling

One of the easiest ways to bring the touch of New England is by using wall paneling. You can have a small alcove or one wall. In this way, you will not have to redo your whole room. Choosing the color palette can be confusing, this is why you should stick will beach-inspired color palette.

You can combine different colors like almost all shades of blue, pale sea green, soft greys, and dusky pink. This is perfect for providing a relaxed holiday appeal. To add an elegant touch to the room, you can mix and match using natural fabrics and striped patterns for upholstery. For rugs, stick with jute rugs.

Blend of Different Types of Wood

To create a perfect New England room, you can use various types of wood. You can add throws and cushions to add comfort, softness, and warmth. Place a natural wicker basket for keeping things; you can even store cushions in it. Adding personal touches to your space is essential, so keep photos and frames of artwork.

Hence, these are great tips for creating a New England aesthetics in your space.

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