Bringing a New York Loft Aesthetic to Your Apartment

Do you want to have an industrial style apartment? Do you love the interior of New York loft? We all love the dreamy New York Loft apartment shown in Marvel or many chick-flick movies.

Luckily, you don’t have to live in New York or own a loft? Are you wondering how you can turn your apartment into a New York Loft aesthetic? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are the tips for bringing the aesthetics of New York loft to your apartment.


An apparent feature of the New York Loft is large windows along with high ceilings. The windows will bring in a lot of light to your home and will illuminate the place with natural light. By having large windows, your apartment will feel spacious and open.

For some, it might not be possible, this is why you can add cool lights. Having cool lighting is crucial for creating an ambient atmosphere and enhance the appeal of your apartment.

Bare Floors and Walls

Another way to get the aesthetics of the New York Loft is going bare walls and floors. If you can’t go bare floor, then you can fake it. Not only is it cool and chic, but it is also trendy as well. When it comes to maintenance, it is extremely easy and less time-consuming. In addition, it will even look good if it is tatty.

By going bare walls, you will be completing the look of New York loft. Well, it might not be possible for everyone to have exposed bricks. So, you can find wallpapers on the market that will enable you to fake it.

Mix it Up

What is another prominent feature of the industrial style? Of course, it is concrete and metals. For adding metal to your aesthetics, you can get a metal rod bed frame in black. You can easily find many accents to complement the look.

As far as concrete is concerned, you can get your hands-on lamps and vases made from concrete. This combined with red bricks and wood will look pleasant.

Nature is Imperative

You cannot complete your New York loft appeal without bringing in nature. Without a doubt, there is no style or design that is complete without plants and greenery. There is a plethora of house plants that you can add to bring in nature. Whether you like a cactus or giant foliage, it will bring a sophisticated and classy touch. This will add a refreshing look to your apartment.

Don’t Forget Artwork

No New York loft is complete without artwork. By adding a framed artwork, you can enhance the look of the bricked wall. When it comes to artwork, there is a wide range of choices. There is no right or wrong in choosing artwork. It is about showcasing your choice and personality. You can add miniature frame galleries, film posters, or huge prints.

With the help of these tips, you can live in a New York loft without actually living there.

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