Top Tips to Create a Cozy Space

Want to have a cozy space? Do you know what cozy is? Well, most people consider cozy is another termed used for describing small and comfortable. Only part of it is right, cozy means snugly warm and comfortable.

Cozy is not a design style rather it is a technique that can complement different styles. Cozy space refers to a space that is welcoming, inviting and has a very homey feel. A remarkable thing about cozy effect is that it will not go out of style.

Something you consider cozy today will be cozy tomorrow. Cozy includes elements like plants, large furniture, warm colors, and area rugs.

Adding Potted Plants

To create a welcoming and invigorating space, placing potted plants are the best option. You can place voluminous and tall plants in the empty corners or spaces to fill them. This will enhance the appeal of your room. You just have to make sure plants get enough light to survive.

Furthermore, to keep things interesting, place different sized plants. This will help in adding color and life to the room without overcrowding the place.

Luxe Fabrics is All About Cozy

For instantly making your room cozier, go for lusher and richer textures. Keep in mind it should complement your décor. The fabrics you want to use for promoting a cuddling-up vibe are velvet, fur, and Mongolian lamb.

The best thing about these fabrics is that you can use it anywhere and easily transform the feel of the room. For instance, you can add a faux fur throw over a sofa and add velvet cushion to a chair. This is a wonderful way to make your room cozy.

Two-Toned Paint

If you have a large room, you can paint the wall a few inches lower than the ceiling. This will help in making it appear a little bit cozier and smaller. On the other hand, for a small room, you can paint a few inches on the ceiling to make it appear larger.

Another way to bring a cozy touch to your room is by painting one wall in a warm tone and the other wall in a bit dusky color. This will help in enhancing the warmth of the room.

Adding Layer

Nothing says cozy than a room with layers. You can easily create a cozy room by having plenty of layering. The best way to add layers to the room is by placing a couple of rugs, throws, and pillows. It is an excellent way to immediately bring warmth in a room.

For example, you can place two rugs under the coffee table. Leave a couple of pillows on the ground and some on the couch. This creates a welcoming vibe that will enable the guests to sit wherever they want.

Hence, your living room is a meeting place in the house and most commonly used for relaxation. This is why it should be beautifully and elegantly designed so it can be cozy and warm.

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