20 Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make

These crafts are a great way to get the kiddos involved in decorating for Christmas!

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1. Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament

Homemade Christmas Ornaments are the best! Make this adorable sled out of popsicle sticks and customize it with a photo!

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2. No-Sew Sock Snowman

This craft is perfect for everyone who has been experiencing the missing sock phenomena (which is everyone really) as now you know what you can do with all the odd socks!

From: EasyPeasyAndFun

3. Christmas Bell Ornaments

For everyone who hates the call bell, we introduce to you the Christmas Bells! To make these bells, you’ll need some clay pots, pipe cleaners, jingle bells, terra cotta markers, and paintbrushes.

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4. Clothespin Snowmen

If you think your clothespins look boring, why not give them a quirky makeover? These clothespin snowmen are super cute and these little fellows will look great holding your favorite notes, gift tags and more!

From: EasyPeasyAndFun

5. Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Crafters of all ages will enjoy making a primitive scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament to gift or keep this holiday season. Learn how to use shades of green and brown scrap ribbon to emulate the welcoming branches of a Christmas tree.

From: FirefliesAndMudpies

6. Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Easy to make Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornaments are a perfect little gift to give to the neighbors or to cover your tree with!

From: ThisGrandmaIsFun

7. Pinecone Christmas Trees

These cute little pinecone Christmas trees are so easy and would be cute to make in a classroom for Christmas!

From: CraftyMorning

8. Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

There are so many ways to create your toilet paper roll snowman. I couldn’t choose just one way, so I did THREE!!

From: CraftsByCourtney

9. Marshmallow Snowman

These easy-to-make marshmallow snowmen float in a mug of hot cocoa for an adorable and tasty winter treat. They’re adorable AND simple enough for kids to make.

From: ItsAlwaysAutumn

10. Handprint Reindeer Ornament

Make some cute handprint reindeer ornaments by stamping your child’s hand with brown paint on paper then gluing on googly eyes and a red pom pom! Once its dried, cut it out and attach a ribbon!

From: CraftyMorning

11. Snowflake Ornaments

Many of our Christmas crafts have been ones that I have given the kids a clear set of instructions on. Although there is always leeway and ways for them to express their creativity, I wanted to give them a project that was more open-ended. I set out a variety of supplies and gave no instructions other than to create snowflakes. The results of this snowflake craft were amazing!

From: TheChaosAndTheClutter

12. Q-Tip Snowflake Ornaments

Have your kids make these beautiful q-tip snowflake ornaments! It’s not very hard to make and could be great homemade Christmas gifts for the family. When I did this with a 4 year old, I put the glue down for her and then she could easily stick the q-tips on herself!

From: CraftyMorning

13. Potato Stamp Ornaments

I had a few potatoes going bad so I cut them up and used them as a Christmas stamp! Any child could do this art project with the guidance of an adult. I think these would look great on a homemade holiday card!

From: CraftyMorning

14. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Making a string of Christmas tree lights out of fingerprints are so cute and could be used for handmade Christmas cards, gift tags, or anything you can think of!

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15. Paper Plate Elves

Funny story about these little elves, we started crafting to make Santa Clause but the girls changed their mind and wanted to make elves! Therefore we have a Santa belly and an elf hat. To make it better you could add elf ears or Santa’s white beard. This takes quite a bit of prepping so be prepared to help the kiddos!

From: CraftyMorning

16. Button Snowflakes

Christmas ornaments don’t have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. This gorgeous Button Snowflake Craft is really simple to make and is going to be a wonderful addition to our Christmas ornament collection that we’ll continue to enjoy year after year.

From: KidsCraftRoom

17. Paper Snowflakes

One of our favorite holiday traditions growing up was cutting out paper snowflakes. Every year we would set aside one evening to sit around the dinner table and cut designs, making enough snowflakes to tape up on all the windows so that even if it didn’t snow it would still look festive. This year I taught my own kids how to cut snowflakes, and they’re hooked!

From: ItsAlwaysAutumn

18. Paper Plate Tissue Paper Ornament

Today we made our first Christmas craft of the season! It’s a darling paper plate ornament with tissue paper circles on it! This is a great activity for toddlers or preschoolers to do!

From: CraftyMorning

19. Rudolph Candy Bars

This craft is super simple and makes the perfect quick gift idea for teachers, party food, or a fun “just because” holiday treat for the kids!

From: IHeartArtsNCrafts

20. Rustic Popsicle Stick Ornaments

This year I’m doing a wintery Christmas cabin theme in our family room so I decided to make some cute popsicle stick sleds.

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