15 DIY Bedroom Decor Projects

These DIY bedroom decor projects are sure to bring a little style into your bedroom! Check out these cute and fun ideas!

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1. Bed Canopy

When I decided to redecorate or I should say decorated my bedroom I went with Shabby Chic. I wanted a peaceful feel which would include all our treasures.

From: SprindlesDesigns

2. White Marble Shelf

From: Gurl

3. Diamond Tufted Headboard

Diamond tufted headboards are stunning, but so prohibitively expensive that I wasn’t sure I would ever gain one for my home. Years later with my money still in my pocket, and much new DIY experience under my belt, I’m happy to say that I actually MADE that headboard of my dreams and I’ll be sharing all the details to help you make yours!

From: HomeMadeByCarmona

4. Stylish Acrylic Calendar

Since you have been asking for a tutorial on my DIY acrylic calendar, I’m thrilled to share it with you today!

From: JenWoodhouse

5. Hanging Shelves

Check out these simple little hanging shelves!

From: LadysLittleLoves

6. Wood Headboard

If you are a DIYer you are going to love this awesome headboard idea! You might even be thinking it’s time to give your whole bedroom a makeover. We’ve got just what you need!

From: PrimitiveQuiltShop

7. Kitchen Cabinet Platform Bed

Check out this cute and useful organizer for your bedroom!

From: DIYHowTo

8. Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is a great storage solution and it is so easy to build and cheap, you can buy the wood for about $5!  They make a great homemade gift too.

From: Remodelaholic

9. End of Bed Bench

After not being able to find anything long and skinny enough online, I got creative and start dreaming up plans to make a bench myself.  And luckily it turned out to be exactly what I envisioned!

From: SimplyBeautifulByAngela

10. Floral Wall Hanging

This is a very inexpensive, and easy DIY for party decorations that can really add a wow factor to your party.

From: TheUrbanDarling

11. Frame Shelf

I decided to fill up the blank wall space with these really cute and simple DIY frame shelves!  Look how fun they are!

From: Shanty2Chic

12. Wood and Metal Pipe Blanket Ladder

Seriously… This is so darn cute. Check out my DIY wood and metal pipe blanket ladder!

From: Shanty2Chic

13. Hammock Chair

I used supplies strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs. so that it might withstand a sturdy plop from either of the older kids, but supplies are available at most hardware stores that will ensure it holds more weight.

From: ABeautifulMess

14. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

This DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging is an easy way to add some green and fresh herb-y aroma to your casa! Plus, like most of our DIYs, it’s extremely easy and won’t take up too much of your Saturday.

From: TheEffortlessChic

15. Faux Flower Wall Hanging

All I did was pull the flowers off the stems and grouped them all together. I didn’t end up using all the flowers I chose, but you get the idea. I actually used the leaves from the peonies as well, because I love their shape!

From: TheLearnerObserver

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