23 Thanksgiving-Themed Cookies You Need to Make

I love cute holiday themed cookies! Check out these cute cookie designs and recipes!

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1. Acorn Cookies

Looking for fun cookie ideas that are perfect for Halloween and fall?  Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  Here are twenty {actually more} fun projects perfect for the months ahead.  I hope you’re inspired!

From: SweetSugarbelle

2. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make Pumpkin Sugar Cookies that are adorable! Your family will love these Pumpkin Cut Out Cookies. These adorable cookies taste amazing too.

From: EatingOnADime

3. Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

There are tons of awesome Thanksgiving turkey cookie ideas out there. Here is just one other spin on the classic turkey cookie. My hope was to use a common cookie cutter shape, keep the overall design fairly simple, but also go for that somewhat “realistic” turkey look.

From: SemiSweetDesigns

4. Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies. These soft and buttery sugar cookies are loaded up cinnamon and spice plus they’re topped with  cinnamon icing for even more flavor! Perfect for Fall. Or anytime really. Just the combination of spices always makes me think cozy thoughts of Fall.

From: HouseOfYumm

5. Cute and Simple Candy Corn Cookies

It is a tutorial about some sweet simple candy corn cookies. The reason they are so sweet is well, they are “sugar” cookies.

From: TheBearfootBaker

6. Easy Turkey Cookies

Did you see the title of this tutorial? It says these are “Easy Turkey Cookies.” That couldn’t be more true. These cute little guys are #2 in my 10 days. 10 turkeys. 10 different cutters and I have to admit, I wasn’t so sure about a pineapple cutter turkey cookie but, boy oh boy do I like him. He is my favorite so far.

From: TheBearfootBaker

7. Scarecrow Cookies

I love that these cookies can be made with several different cutters.  I used a couple of snowmen I snagged on Ebay, my favorite Wilton ice cream cutter, and a skull.  Even if you don’t have these exact shapes you’ve probably got something that will work.

From: SweetSugarbelle

8. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

For my November cookie decorating party, I decided to do a turkey platter.  The party will be just before Thanksgiving, so everyone will have the cookies to take to Thanksgiving!

From: SugarDadCookies

9. Caramel Apple Cookies

It’s crazy how simply adding lashes and a hair bow can change a character to female. That being said, here’s how you can make these caramel apple cookie ladies.

From: SemiSweetDesigns

10. Cake Central Turkey Cookies

Gobble gobble! Number 8 cookie body on Wilton flower cookie. All RI except candy eyes and fondant feet.

From: CakeCentral

11. Hedgehog Cookies

Do you remember the other day when I said you can get Sweet Sugarbelle‘s Scarecrow and “Hedgehog” cookie cutters. What I meant to say was, “Sweet Sugarbelle’s Scarecrow & Sunflower Cookie Cutter,” because I turned the sunflower cookies into hedgehog cookies. Do you see where I got confused? It is a sunflower cookie cutter, but it’s can also be used to make hedgehog cookies.

From: TheBearfootBaker

12. Pumpkin Cookies with Succulents and Roses

For the cookies, I used my tried and true cut-out cookie and royal icing recipes.

From: BakeAt350

13. Simple Scarecrow Cookies

From: TheBearfootBaker

14. Turkey Sugar Cookies

You know what? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned on this blog that fall is my favorite season. That’s why I was so surprised that I haven’t made scarecrow cookies. Really? What’s wrong with me? What have I been doing all these years!

From: TheBearfootBaker

15. Too Pretty to Eat: Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

Very happy with the end result, and very happy with my kopykake projector.  It definitely sped up the process and I’m able to embark on more complicated designs.

From: BakingWithBest

16. Turkey Cookies Made with an Ice Cream Cutter

Thanksgiving is coming fast and do you know what that means?  It’s turkey time!  The cookie kind, at least.

From: SweetSugarbelle

17. Pilgrim Shirts and Hats Cookies

Since the holidays can be hectic, here are some relatively easy Pilgrim Thanksgiving cookies ideas to make for the upcoming event.

From: SemiSweetDesigns

18. Pilgrim Cookies

Last year, I made pilgrim cookies for thanksgiving and loved how they turned out. I am very excited to show how I transformed my favorite gnome cutter into these precious pilgrims.

From: SweetSugarbelle

19. Autumn Leaf Cookies

From: LifeLoveLiz

20. Pumpkin Pie Cookies

These pumpkin pie slice cookies were such a big hit last year, so why not a whole pie this time around!

From: SemiSweetDesigns

21. Turkey Cookies with a Flower Cutter

These simple turkey cookies are made from a birthday hat cookie cutter and are really easy to make. I know they don’t excited or they don’t look ready for a party because they just found out it is November.

From: TheBearfootBaker

22. Simple Turkey Cookies

I have decided to make ten different turkey cookies with ten different cookie cutters!

From: TheBearfootBaker

23. Pumpkin Cookies

Some cookie designs never go out of style.  Especially pumpkin cookies.  When fall comes around this classic shape is always one of the first to make it into my oven.

From: SweetSugarbelle

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