Top Fireplace Décor Ideas

Let’s face it is nothing cozy like snuggling up in a blanket near a fireplace on a wintery evening. Do you want to change the appeal of your room? Don’t have the budget to renovate the room? Well, no worries. We have a way that will allow you to change the curb appeal without breaking your bank.

We all know, there are no holidays without a good fireplace that will keep you warm and stylish. Though the fireplace is the heart of your home, many people don’t pay attention to it and keep it plain and unpleasant. Want to turn your boring fireplace into something interesting and appealing?

In this post, we have listed the top new ideas for making your fireplace look timeless and chic. Have a look!

Metallic Accents and Black

Are you tired of having plain white or bricked fireplace? Change it to a darker shade. Go with plain black or black marble and make it the center of attention in your room. To add a sophisticated touch, decorate it with metallic accents like chrome, brass, or copper. This is a simple and easy way to enhance the appeal of your fireplace.

Add Mirror

One of the easiest ways to improve the appeal of your fireplace is by adding a mirror. Adding a mirror to the fireplace is a staple. You can choose the mirror of your own choice that reflects your style and blends well with the décor of the room. Place a lamp and vase to complement the mirror to make it more pleasant.

Rustic is Hot Trend

Nothing beats a rustic fireplace. You can texture the mantel by adding wood and other natural elements. Faux taxidermy and greenery are excellent ways to increase the appeal of the fireplace. To add a sophisticated touch, pair it up with exposed beams, leather upholstery, and wool throws.

Brighten it Up

We have always seen fireplaces in whites and grays. Have you ever considered having it painted in a different color? Without a doubt, the white and gray do look classy, but wouldn’t it be fun to add color to a fireplace mantel. Just make sure the color of fireplace complements the overall appearance of the room.

Mass of Candles

Having wood placed in the fireplace surely a great way to enhance the appeal. Don’t have firewood? Don’t worry, you can use candles or candelabra instead. This will bring a touch of elegance to your fireplace instantly.

If you have a white fireplace, pair it up with yellow-colored candles of different sizes. Keep in mind not to overcrowd the fireplace; simplicity is the key. Don’t add any other items or accents on the fireplace.

Modern Touch with Books

Well, candles and wood are classy. Go for something distinctive and unique by filling the firebox with books. Surely it will be a sight for sore eyes.

Therefore, it enhances the appearance of the fireplace by making it classier and more sophisticated. You will create a great impression on your guests.

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