Bedroom Décor Ideas for Winter

Want to make your bedroom feel like a warm cocoon? Thinking of adding more comfort and warmth in your bedroom? We all want to have a bedroom that will provide warmth and comfort when the weather turns blustery.

Are you thinking you will have to redo the entire room? Well, you are mistaken. All you need to do is make a few changes in your bedroom to harmonize it with the season of the year. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word winter is layers. To keep ourselves warm, we wear layers of clothes. In the same way, your bedroom needs layers. You can use textured pillows, chunky cable-knit throw, and a blanket.

Texture is Crucial

What is the most important thing to have in the bedroom in winter? Yes, texture. Adding texture to your bedroom will help in making it cozy and comfortable. You can place nubby knits layered on the bed, a thick rug on the floor to make it warm and rustic basket to keep your things. To enhance the appeal, have a living plant. Any plant of your choice will do good, but lavender will be the best.

Moreover, you must switch from cotton duvet cover to a heavy knitted blanket. This will be perfect for providing an extra layer of warmth. For providing an elegant look, add shams covered in any thick fabric like velvet.

By adding heavy and thick textures is to create a warm vibe in your bedroom.

Faux Fur is Fabulous

Faux fur throws are a great addition to your winter bedroom. This is an excellent way to cozy-up your bedroom. It will not only bring a touch of warmth but will make it aesthetically beautiful. You can even add some textured cushions and blankets to enhance the appeal.

Bring a Touch of Holiday

We all wait for the winters not because of frozen toes or noses, but for holidays. Everyone limits the festive flair to the living room only. Who says you can’t take the holiday magic to your bedroom? Just add glass and metallic ornaments on the ceiling. You can use satin ribbons for tying the ornaments. This is the easiest and elegant way to make it feel like winters.

Keeping it Sublime

When it comes to hues, it can be a difficult decision. In winter, you can add any hue you want. You can use calming neutrals, shimmery metallic, soothing pastels, and rich bright. Just keep in mind it must be sublime and saturated.

Add Metallic Accessories

In winters, it is the metal that brings warmth and coziness to the bedroom. You can use accents in metallic surfaces like gold, bronze, copper, and brass. These surfaces will bounce the light that will end the winter gloom and chill. You can get a metallic ceiling fixture or use a metallic dresser top tray. In addition, you can even get beside lamp in metallic finishing.

Give these décor ideas a try and enjoy winters like never before.

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