Southern Living Décor Ideas

Do you like the interior of a Southern home? Thinking of adding a Southern charm to your house? People think southern home is all about well-worn wood floors, gorgeous columns, and blue porch ceilings. Well, this is just a misconception. It is more than just this; it is a place filled with family heirlooms; furniture with history and soul; and subtle layers of detail.

Are you wondering how you add southern charm to your space? Don’t worry; we are here to help you. This post highlights the best southern living décor tips you can incorporate into your house.

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Blend of Old and New

The southern décor tip is to have a balance. You must find a way to have the right balance between family heirlooms or loved antiques with modern and fresh accents and design. The best way to bring southern touch is by having upholstered pieces with worn antiques. This is a great way to use the antiques that have been passed down from generations. Keep in mind that southerners love stories and antiques tell a story. This helps in bringing a personal touch to space and make it feel like home.

By adding modern accessories, you will be giving it an interesting touch. You can use the antiques to anchor the room and add modern touches with the help of mid-century lighting, bold fabrics, or sculptural accents.

Have Flow Between Indoors and Outdoors

Long gone are the days when outdoors was not considered as important. In recent times, it is as crucial as indoors. For adding a southern touch to your outdoor space, you can use concrete tables or upholstered furnishings with teak.

To add a sophisticated touch and create a flow, you should incorporate natural elements. This means you can add greenery in the rooms to try and build a connection with the natural environment.

Get Unique Focal Pieces

Another great way to bring the Southern touch is by having distinctive pieces such as a classic chest, or end table, or a huge chandelier. It is advised to use pieces that can be easily used anywhere in the house.

It will be better to have a classy mirror with a pair of beautiful club chairs or a period chest instead of a fancy carpet. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should have just one antique per room. Don’t go overboard with antiques.

Incorporate Different Textures, Design Styles, and Patterns

A great element of southern living is layers. So, you can create a southern interior by using different material everywhere; on the floors, accents, walls, and furniture. The materials you can use include velvet, shearling, linen, and mohair. These will be useful in providing a neutral touch to your space.

Avoid sticking to just one color, style, and period. This is because it will provide a serious and staid appeal to your room.

We hope with the ideas you can bring Southern charm to your space.

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