Captivating French Living Room Design Ideas

Do you like French interior designs? Want to bring a French touch to your living room? Everyone knows the French are famous for having a knack for all things decorating and personal style. The French have what it takes to create comfortable and gorgeous interiors.

A French-style living room will bring a distinctive and sophisticated touch to your house. The French style is a synonym for stylish, beautiful, and chic. A French-style includes use of metal in rust shade and wood.

A great thing about French style is that it never goes out of style. So, wondering how you can add French style to your living room? In this post, we have highlighted French living room ideas. Have a look!

Focus on Contrast

In the French style, the focus is on the contrast rather than symmetry. It offers the best combination of traditional and modern decorating styles. If you have a traditional environment in your room, you can bring a touch of sophistication by adding modern furniture. So, in case you gave midcentury lighting, you can use modern club chairs. This will bring an elegant touch to your house.

Have a Cozy Corner

For those who don’t know, the French have a knack for having cozy corners. Having a corner of comfort, who doesn’t love it. When it comes to decorating style, you can go for a mix and match style. For instance, you can place an antique chair near a brass stool for creating an ideal reading area.

The key to having a French-style living room is mixing styles. You can mix different items you have and create a personalized look.

Styling a Mantle

It is something the French do better than the rest. As far as styling a mantle is concerned, you can try different things. Since your living room might have a beautiful marble fireplace, you add a classic French mirror to it to enhance the appeal. That’s not it, you can add any sculpture to complement the mirror, from a vase to an artwork.

Have a Cubist Movement

Having a spot for art in your living room is a classic element of French style. This doesn’t mean one piece of art will give you a French style. It is about juxtaposition of the artwork working with antiques and furnishings that will make it sophisticated.

Gold is the Key

One of the most important elements of French style is glamour. For adding glamorous appeal to your living room, there is no better way than a touch of gold. You can go for a gilded frame or a pair of chairs with legs finished in gold. Just make sure you don’t overdo the gold; it will just kill the vibe.

Therefore, if you want to bring an elegant touch to your living room, a French-style will never go wrong. The best thing about French style is that you can use different sizes of chairs and different heights of lamps.

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