Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

The Scandinavian interior design originates from the Nordic countries; capturing what they embraced in the 19th century. It’s inspired by Scandinavian winters, which called for warmth, efficiency, and functionality.

It’s elegant, simple, and embodies minimalism. Executing this style, therefore, calls for discipline in terms of avoiding clutter.

Below are simple Scandinavian design ideas for your living room.

Natural Light

One key element of the Scandinavian design is natural light maximization. To achieve this, do away with heavy window treatments and opt for sheer curtains. It lets in light while providing privacy.

In case of insufficient natural light, purchase lots of artificial lighting sources to fill the void. Regardless, the additional light sources help supplement existing lighting.



Wood, specifically hardwood, is the most commonly used flooring type here. The reason being since Scandinavian design originated from Nordic countries where winter is prolonged, they needed warm flooring. Wood flooring offers that.

The wood flooring can be left bare or a rug thrown over it. Bear in mind though not to use a wall to wall carpet. Area rugs are preferred.

Color palette

The Scandinavian design calls for a neutral color palette. The white, grays, black, and brown. Paint your walls in a neutral color.

But as we all know, excess neutral colors are bland. Incorporate pops of color in furniture, art, and accent pieces for an aesthetically pleasing living room. A potted plant or flowers in a vase injects some color as well.


All in all, remember to keep your living room clutter-free. A clutter-free interior space is a critical element of any Scandinavian interior space.

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