How to Design a Rustic Cottage Aesthetic

Rustic design is all about rugged natural beauty, nature-inspired textures, warmth, and simple, earthy colors. When it comes to giving your cottage the rustic aesthetic look, nature takes preeminence. Below are essential rustic décor elements.


When it comes to a rustic aesthetic, color schemes and patterns should be soothing and vibrant. Colors like blue, white, and brown are suitable here. They provide warmth to an otherwise dark and cold house plus brightening a room. Choose furnishings that are warm and welcoming in color, as well.


Nothing Modern

To achieve that classic, rustic look in your cottage, you have to forget about modern design and stick to the natural. Forget advanced materials like metal, synthetic fiber, and plastic as well.

Instead, use natural materials, especially raw wood, stone, and metal as the primary materials. Wood specifically is the most prevalent natural material used. You can have wood paneling on your walls, wood parquet/hardwood flooring, and wood ceilings. Additionally, incorporate wood furniture here and there.

Be wary not to overdo it though.


Comfortable Furniture

A cottage home is always warm and cozy. And what better way to achieve warmth and coziness than using comfortable furniture? Opt for oversized, cozy, and comfy sofas. Additionally, layer up with some throw pillows and cushions for extra comfort.


Nothing beats the peaceful feeling of being in constant contact with nature. For this reason, a rustic cottage is perfect for everyone. Besides, this style is cozy, warm, and welcoming. Who wouldn’t want such an interior?

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