How to Achieve Bright and Cheerful Home Décor

Just having a house you call home is not enough. With today’s numerous life activities, one yearns for a peaceful and tranquil environment to sink in and rest at the end of a long day.

A bright and cheerful space is vital in achieving this. So how do you get to turn your stark, dark home into a bright and cheerful one? Let’s take a look.

Paint your walls

A home painted in dark colors is depressing, gloomy, and melancholic. Why not paint your home in bright colors. Shades and tones of white, blue, pink, yellow will instantly add a pop of color and transform your dull home.

Use brightly colored furniture

As mentioned above, bright colors instantly brighten your home. And another way to incorporate that dash of color is through brightly colored furniture. Fill your home with white, cream, or any brightly colored furniture.

Large enough windows

Sometimes, it’s not the lack of colors leading to a gloomy room; rather, natural light absence. To counter this, ensure your windows are large enough to allow for maximum light penetration. Secondly, remove any items blocking light like, say, a tree/thicket adjacent to your window.



Mirrors not only brighten a room but also makes a small room appear larger. It achieves this by reflecting incoming light and dispersing it to the whole room.  The result, a bright, cheery room devoid of dark spots.



Attaining a cheerful look for your home is easy. It only takes a few twists here and there to transform your dull house.

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