Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

If there is any room the minimalist style perfectly suits, it’s the kitchen. This style emphasizes clean lines and simplicity; resulting in decluttered, orderly spaces. And as we all know, kitchens ought to be clean, crisp, and well-organized at all times.


Assess every single item in your kitchen. Then decide whether you really need it. If not, throw it away or store in another room.

Same goes to the varieties of items performing the same function. For instance, six knife types or five arrays of plates, yet you only use half of it. In this case, store the unused kitchenware in the cupboard or another room.



We keep everyday kitchen appliances like a coffee maker or toaster on countertops; mainly for convenience. But do you know these appliances spend an awful lot of time as clutter compared to being in use?

In this case, keep all kitchen appliances and any other items in cupboard and shelves; leaving the countertop empty devoid of any kitchenware.

Storage options

Opt for closed storage units as open shelving visually clutters a space.

If you already have an open shelf, focus on decluttering and neatly organizing it. Ditch the excess and only display few, essential items.

Another hack is placing dry ingredients like sugar and salt in jars then displaying them on the open shelves. These jars can be in bold colours and varying shapes to spice up space.

Kitchen appliances

Purchase modernly designed kitchen appliances. Such appliances are usually sleek, streamlined, and made of modern materials; and evoke that minimalist vibe.

Moreover, choose multifunctional appliances. It massively reduces the number of appliances in your kitchen, hence, preventing clutter. An example is the combination convection steam oven.


A minimalist kitchen doesn’t have to be boring.

Hang striking wall art, purchase a statement chandelier, display a plant on the countertop, or switch your unappealing cabinet knobs for sleek, metal-coated ones.

Such minute details spruce up and transform a bland kitchen to an astonishing one.



A minimalist kitchen will undoubtedly improve the kitchen cooking experience. We hope these tips will aid you in attaining this excellent style.

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