Cute Bookshelf Décor Ideas

Thinking of jazzing things up your bookshelf? Looking for ways how to decorate the bookshelf? There are many people who love books and bookcases. After all, they hold the most valuable and favorite things, books.

However, most people don’t pay attention to the bookshelves. Whether you are an avid reader or not, everyone agrees there is something aesthetically pleasing about the wall of books. Sometimes, you want to snazz up things a little bit.

Who said bookshelves should be boring or unappealing? There are many ideas that will make your bookshelf attractive and functional. In this post, we have mentioned some of the ways to have a cute bookshelf.

Light it Up

To instantly add beauty and style to your bookcase is by adding lights to it. This will highlight your book collection. You can use a string of fairy lights to add sparkle to your bookshelf. It is a simple and fun way to make your bookcase appealing.

Turn your bookshelf in a winter wonderland by placing icicle shaped lights. Moreover, you can even get books that are actually lamps. Since we are living in a technological advanced world, you might want to take it to a whole new level; turn a book into a hidden light switch.

Add Colors to Bookcase

What is better than having a colorful and vibrant bookshelf. Of course, you don’t have to paint the shelf in different colors. What you need to do is cover the books in different colored covers and arrange them by color. This is an amazing way to mix things up and add panache to your bookcase.

Furthermore, if you want to keep it simple and neutral, it is advised to turn the books backward. This will show the pages instead of the spine of the book. It is a great way to achieve a minimalist appeal.

Use Cute Bookends

Another excellent way to bring a stylish and cute touch to your bookshelf is by adding some cute bookends. It will allow you to keep the books from falling. Not only this, it provides a great opportunity to express your personality. You can add some agate bookends to your case or even go for DIY bookends.

Apply Wallpaper

In order to bring an aesthetic appeal and make the room energetic, use wallpaper in the background of the bookshelf. If you have a light bookshelf, you should go for a dark wallpaper that will help the shelf to stand out.

Personalize it

The best way to have a cute décor of the bookshelf is to have personalized decor. For instance, you can place unique frames and photo collages to bring warmth and personal touch to the bookshelf. You can even keep family photos on the bookshelf to show your cool memories.

We hope with these cute décor ideas, you will be able to make the bookshelf the focal point of the room. These tips will add style and personality to your room.

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