Traditional Home Interior Design Ideas

Traditional interior style doesn’t necessarily refer to past styles. Instead, it represents a calm, comfortable, yet elegant interior style. A typical traditional interior is anything but minimalist and comprises lots of everything. Below are the three main traditional interior style features.


Furniture is cozy, sturdy, and comfortable; and often features wood trims. Sofas are huge and overstuffed; containing several throw pillows.

Cabinets and shelves are made of wood and consist of detailed moldings. The wood used is always stained in rich colors to exude elegance and luxury.

Furniture pieces especially the chairs are arranged in pairs to achieve symmetry. More often than not, these chairs are organized towards a focal point, say, a fireplace.



Walls are painted in mid-range tones; neither too light nor dark. Here, you can paint using any color.

If aiming for a warm interior, use the reds, pinks, oranges, and browns mid-tones. Should you desire a cool interior, employ blues and greens mid-tones. Neutral colors are perfect for a calm, airy look.

Another common color scheme is the multi-colored floral pattern. To attain this, purchase a floral-patterned wallpaper.



Traditional style furnishings are typically expensive due to the type of materials used. That is, cashmere, velvet, damask, and silk. Cotton and linen can be used as cheaper alternatives as well.

When it comes to colors, solids are preferred over patterned ones, especially in curtains and upholstery. If patterns are to be incorporated, they should be floral, stripes, or plaids.


Traditional interior design isn’t a bad idea after all, as it provides a comfortable space to rest after a long day. To avoid it being overstuffed, steer away from too many details like tassels and trims on furnishings.

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