Kitchen Decor Ideas for Summer

Change is as good as rest. And what better time to bring change into the kitchen than during summer? Summer is typically an upbeat season where everyone can’t wait to have fun and be free. Therefore, how about you introduce some of that energy to your kitchen? Here is how.


Play Around With Colors

Changing color is the most inexpensive way to upgrade. Just ensure to use the correct color palette.

Paint a neutral color on the walls for a neutral backdrop. Otherwise, your kitchen will be overwhelming.

After that, go crazy on wall hangings, furniture, cabinets doors, and accent pieces. This is where to paint the vibrant, energetic colors like orange, yellow, and red. It doesn’t hurt to add some floral prints here and there as well.

Create a New Focal Point

Go to your kitchen as though you were a visitor. Now stop at the door, what is the first thing you notice? If there is nothing unique, then you better get to work.

Transform the first thing that your eye sees into the focal point. You can hang a massive art piece or simply put up some great wallpaper. Remember to keep the new focal point cheerful and vibrant.


Open Shelves

These are the new kids in the kitchen block. The open shelves are great for adding visual appeal.

Don’t display old or ugly tupperware, though. Instead, neatly organize your cookware on the shelves. Include some unique, aesthetically pleasing décor accents like vases to jazz up the interior and infuse the summer feel.

Ensure the colors are well coordinated.


Changing your kitchen decor for summer gets you in the right mood, plus it makes your house a happy place to go back to. Remember to keep it vibrant and cheerful.

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