Bedroom Decor Ideas for Summer

Summer is characterized by high temperatures and energetic vibes all round. Due to the high temperatures, your bedroom obviously requires sufficient air conditioning.

But preparing your bedroom for summer is more than just an AC. Below are bedroom décor ideas for a comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing bedroom.

Change the Bedding

Get rid of the warm duvet and opt for something light like a coverlet. Purchase lightweight covers, sheets, and throws as well.

Ensure materials making up these bedding are not only light but also breathable. This means going for natural textiles like cotton, silk, and linen.

When it comes to color, choose white or cream, and avoid black and grey. The reason being black absorbs heat while white reflects it. White can also withstand heat without changing color.


Opt for a cool color palette. Think of the blues, greens, and any neutral color with blue/green undertones.

These colors induce some calm, serenity, and coolness. And since summer is generally hot, you need your bedroom to be cool.

Another alternative is using pure neutral colors, specifically, the bright neutral colors. That’s white and cream. They are calming and serene.

Go bold

Since most bedroom walls are painted in cool colors, why not introduce a pop of color to your room? After all, its summer, right?

Inject vibrant, bold colours through wall art, furnishings, and accent pieces. You have no idea how one bright color can transform your room. Try it!


Light bedding, cool walls, and bold colors. A summer bedroom is all about these three. Don’t forget to let the light in. Lots of light is essential in getting through the hot summer season.

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